Easy Caramel Flan Recipe – Smooth, Silky, and Tasty

Easy Caramel Flan Recipe – Smooth, Silky, and Tasty
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Today, I’m going to show how to make an awesome dessert, flan. This is an easy caramel flan recipe that’s simple to understand and will guarantee good results.

Caramel Flan is a ubiquitous sweet treat that was originated in Europe and spread throughout the world. In Vietnam, this dish was introduced by the French during its occupation of the country in 19th century and became known as Bánh Flan

Today, this tasty dessert has became a favorite in our family and a must have in our birthday tradition. For years, we have used Flan instead of regular cakes for birthdays in the family. There were some exceptions, but for the most part, it always has the most number of votes.

It is obvious to see why this treat is so popular. For the cook, the ingredients are always readily available and the preparation and baking process is simple and easy to follow. For the consumer, the smooth and silky texture work so well together with the caramel that every bite is amazingly delightful. It is really difficult to resist.

Now, let’s make some caramel flan together!

You can also watch the video for details on Easy Caramel Flan Recipe below:



Ingredients - Vietnamese Egg Rolls

  • 9 eggs
  • 1 cup (236 ml) sugar
  • 2.5 cup (592 ml) whole milk 
  • 1 package of vanilla (0.28 oz / 8 g)


  • An 8 x 2 in / 20 x 5 cm baking pan 


  • 7 glass dishes (3.6 in / 9.1 cm in diameter and about 1.5 in / 2.5 cm depth)


NOTE: In the video, i'm making 2 batches using both types of bakeware.

1. In a large non-stick pan, add 1/2 cup (118 ml) sugar and 1 tbsp water. Set medium heat and cook until the sugar caramelizes. 

2. Once the sugar turns into caramel, quickly pour it into the mold(s).

Flan - making caramel
Flan - Pouring caramel
Flan - hardened caramel

3. Next, in a large pot, add 2.5 cups (592 ml) of whole milk and 1/2 cup (118 ml) of sugar. Stir on medium heat and turn off heat once it is hot (before boiling point). This is important for a smooth surface.

4. In a large bowl, add all the eggs (9) and whisk them. 

5. Once the eggs are thoroughly whisked, pour the milk mixture in while continue whisking. Remember to pour the milk slowly.

6. When the milk and eggs are thoroughly whisked, add the package of vanilla and mix well. Don’t worry if you still see some clumps of egg whites. We’ll take care of it in the next step.

Flan - mixing milk
Flan - whisking eggs
Flan - mixing milk and eggs

7. Using a strainer (fine), place it on top of a container and pour the mixture in. 

8. If you still see patches of bubbles or fine clumps after straining, remove them using a spoon or ladle. 

9. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes.

Flan - straining eggs mixture

10. Now that the mixture has cooled, we’ll pour it into our mold(s). Be sure to not overfilled. Leave about 1/4 of space at the top of the mold.

11. Next, preheat oven to 375 F ( 190 c) and place the mold(s) in a large tray (or any type of baking container). Ensure that the tray is deep enough to cover the mold(s). 

12. Pour boiling water into the tray. Up to 1/2 height of the mold(s).

13. Once the oven is heated, place the tray into the oven and bake for 45 minutes. Make sure place the oven rack on the 2nd rail from the bottom.

Flan - pouring mixture into molds
Flan - placing molds into tray
Flan - over rack on 2nd level

14. Remove from oven after 45 mins. At this point, you’ll see that it is still a bit soft and jiggles a bit. That’s fine.

15. Let it sit and completely cool down. Then, wrap it in plastic wraps and let sit overnight (minimum 5 hours).


Flan - from oven

16. Before serving, if you’re using the 8 in / 20 cm pan, you’d want to run a knife around the edges of the flan first. If you’re using the smaller glass dishes, you most likely won’t need to do this.

17. Then, place a plate over the mold and quickly flip it over.

18. Remove the mold and voila! A stunning caramel is waiting for you to enjoy.

Flan - running knife around edges of pan
Flan - plate over mold
Flan - flipping mold over
Flan - caramel flan from small glass dishes
Flan - caramel flan from small glass dishes
Flan - piece of cake

Sorry, I can’t resist and took a quick bite!

Now go and claim your sweet treat!

I hope that it was a fun and enjoyable experience for you. I’m certain that the end reward is worth it!

Please let me know if you have any question or feedback. Always keep that cooking passion strong!

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